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The plug is used to cover the holes in the block in the event the homeowner wants a space between the landscaping timbers.

90-Degree Block
90-Degree Block

Used in making corners for your project.

45-Degree Block
45-DegreeBlock    Used for making an Octagon around an object such as a tree or an offset within your project. 

Cover Plate
   Cover Plate
Used to cover a completed column.

Straight Block
Straight Block
An inline block, designed to tie two landscaping timbers together so the homeowner can make the project as long as desired.

Border Blocks  Landscaping Anchoring System,  is intended for landscaping timbers to be tied together for flowerbeds, borders, driveways or property lines.  A quick and easy way to design almost any landscaping project for the homeowner or business owner to inhance the value of their property.

   Not recomended more than three blocks in height without proper anchoring to ground.