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Introducing An Innovative Anchoring System for Landscaping Timbers 

Border Blocks Landscaping Anchoring Systems, Inc. is a family-oriented business ran by three brothers, that love to grow gardens and out do one another when it comes to our landscaping ideas. That has led to much competition and thinking, leading us in the development of our company. Henry is a retired army sergeant with a back ground in the injection molding industry. Richard is a superintendent with a construction company and loves to talk deer hunting. David is a plumber.

                  Our Goal Is to Make Your Landscaping Project Simple to Achieve
We had many things in mind while developing this product and this is a little bit of how ideas developed into us becoming Border Blocks Landscaping Anchoring Systems, Inc.  As you know, landscaping can be a strenuous and a time consuming project, especially when you want it to turn out beautiful, not to mention when you start trying to use landscaping timbers within your project. Timbers, as beautiful as they are, have never had a "simple" way of being installed. The only way to do it previously was to drill holes through them, and anchor them through with big nails or long screws. That, for us was the problem, because just like most, we liked the way landscaping timbers looked but really didn't want the hassle of installing them. So that led us to figuring out a way to make a product that we could anchor these timbers down with. At the same time adding a decorative curb appeal to them. We think that is what has happened.  And we hope you will agree! 


We wanted to make a product that would be desirable to everyone with a few other considerations in mind....

  1. We wanted our products to be environmentally friendly and very simple to use, with many advantageous concepts and benefits. Being light but not light duty is one of them. At 2.5 lb each, even the grand kids can help. We wanted our products to be easy to do without needing a team of professionals, or how to manuals to figure it out.   
  2. We wanted to make a product that was very durable. So we parked a one ton truck on one to test it. (See pictures in gallery) 
  3. We wanted our product to last and last.  No one wants to have to do a job over. So we added U. V. protection, we also put the color inside the polypropylene to prevent fading. No paint to flake off or be ingested by small children or pets.
  4. At Border Blocks we wanted a product that you could use your imagination to create ideas within your project. Our blocks connect the landscape timbers and we are beginning to see other benefits to using our product. Dew to the design, a space is between the timbers and allows for drainage that aids in over watering conditions and promotes plant growth. The soil between the timbers acts like a wick and allows the bed to breath and keeps the timber dryer and promotes longer life of the timber as well as healthier plants. 
  5. Please e-mail with all your ideas! Or for general information you can also email your comments to

                            Thank you and happy gardening!!!! 


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