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 Anchoring System for Landscaping Timbers

Border Blocks Landscaping Anchoring Systems, Inc. is introducing a new and easy invention for connecting landscape timbers. Our  system is durable and designed for all seasons. The Border Block System is a time and money saving solution for landscaping borders around your home and properties. Try our new system and we believe it will change the way you do landscaping forever.  Now in little time and less effort you will be surprised what you can do by yourself or as a family project.
No more complicated angles to cut, long nails to drive, or expensive screws to buy. Just place your Border Blocks in the desired position, cut the timbers to fit, and add dirt.  At only 2 1/2 lb. each and the curb appeal, you’ll love! What could be easier? Click the gallery button to take a closer look, and then click the shop button to get started beautifying your home and properties with Border Blocks.
A New Solution for
Connecting LandscapeTimbers


 → A Cutting Edge System
 → Nothing Else Like It
 → Very Easy to Use
 → Environmentally Friendly

Gazebo and Walkway Surrounding Tree Flower Bed Raised Walkway

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How to Use Our Anchoring Systems
Plumbers have had fittings for pipe for as long as they have had pipe. Now you can have fittings for landscape timbers! You can build compost bins, raised beds, square beds, rectangle beds, octagon beds, or make a straight line to border your property with the ability to make off sets around any object you want to avoid. That’s why we call them Border Blocks!


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